About us

"Back to the roots and straight to the top"

The Legends Boxing Foundation is a contemporary association whose aim is to revolutionise boxing worldwide.
We aim to offer a perspective for smaller and bigger promoters.


In 2015 this association was founded by the former boxing-promoter Eva Rolle together with her son Robert Rolle.

Eva Rolle organised more than 100 professional boxing events all over the world aswell as several title fights with the most different associations. She knows certainly how association and promoters can cooperate with each other in the best way. Furthermore she’s familiar with all possible issues in the boxing business and is willing to work them out.

Her son Robert Rolle was a successful professional boxer (IBF European Champion / NBA World Champion) and experienced the scene from an active view.

To guarantee long-term success, one must understand the concerns of his partners and cope with them.

By the know-how from all these areas of the boxing-business and exclusively experienced people in key-positions, LBF will be capable to work more advanced and more successfully.


Innovative rule changes will make the association attractive for spectators, media as well as promoters and sportsman.

A clear elaborate belt and ranking system makes a long-term cooperation with the LBF for everybody worthwhile.

Big champions and boxing legends of the LBF will shine in another light, compared to titleholders from other associations.

Legends Boxing Foundation - Administration

Eva Rolle


Michael Cooley

Vice President, Canada & Europe

Paul Bonds

Vice President, U.S.A.

Brian "Golden Gloves" Adams

Director Amateur LBF USA & President Europe Boxing

Bruce Silverglade

LBF Adviser, U.S.A.

J’Marie Moore

Vice President Female Boxing LBF

Lindsey Tucker

Championsship Chairman

David A. Figuroua

LBF Sport Coordinator USA